About us

Trece Hilos

Oxlajuj B'at'z (thirteen threads) is a non-profit indigenous women's empowerment and a non-formal education organization based in Guatemala since 2004.

Our Mission is facilitate processes for Maya women artisans to bring about change, through their own efforts, that will alleviate the adverse effects of poverty and improve their quality of life.  Our mission is guided by the principles of harmony, democracy and sustainability.

Our visión consist in that through the encouragement of Thirteen Threads, our members become empowered by increasing their knowledge and skills.  Their participation in democratically run cooperatives with other women they trust and respect provides them with the ability to earn a sustainable income, wich is beneficial to both their families and communities.


Thirteen Threads provides capacity-building skills training a lot of Maya women's cooperatives throughout rural Guatemala.  Our four program areas are: Artisan and Product Development, Democracy and Team Building, Health and Wellbeing and Small Business.